How to Google Adsense Account Approval | Google Adsense Approval Top 10 Tips

Google Adsense Account: Google Adsense Online is the best option for Earning, but for that, you have to be an Approved Account of Google Adsense so that you can earn your online earning by Adding Adsense Ads to your blog. “Google Adsense Approval Top 10 Tips”

Google Adsense Approval Top 10 Tips

How to Google Adsense Account Approval [Google Adsense Approval Top 10 Tips]

Now if you do not have Google Adsense Approved Account, you can approve Google Adsense Account in 7 days and earn your earnings by placing Google Adsense Ads on your blog.

When you need to rapidly affirm Google Adsense Account, you need to meet Google's Criteria (Terms and Condition), from which Google Adsense endorse your record.

Along with this, if you want to quickly approve your Google Adsense account, then you have to do some extra things on Focus and your Google Adsense Account is approved only in 7 Days.

Google Adsense Approval Top 10 Tips

To quickly approve Google Adsense Account, your blog should be on Blogger, because Blogger is Google's product and Google Adsense is also why when you create your blog on, Google Adsense approves your blog quickly.

Along with that, you have to pay attention to some extra things which will allow you to approve only once your blog is applied-

01- Custom Domain

Adding Custom Domain to Blog Easily Ranks Your Blog Search Engine When you buy a custom domain, first try to get an old domain because the authority of the old domain is more.

From which he rapidly positions on Search Engine which is essential for favor the Google Adsense Account.

So you buy a Short and Old Custom Domain, and after creating the blog, add it to Google Webmaster Tools so that your domain starts Ranking on Google's Search Engine and Google can get your domain information.

02- Responsive Template

It's essential to have a Responsive Template on your blog to rapidly favor Google Adsense Account. Responsive Template demonstrates your substance well on all stages.

Additionally, by adding Responsive Templates, you can navigate your blog better because, in the Responsive Template, you get options for setting Header, Top Menu, Sidebar, and Footer.

When you install a Responsive Template for your blog, then definitely check that there are no images on your template or at all, because Google Adsense does not like images.

You can use a Simple, White and Responsive Template on your Blogger Blog.

03- Do not use

When you post a post on your blog then use Maximum One Image inside that post as Google does not like Adsense Images and Videos so do not use Video in your article, and only use an image of an article. Please.

Always try that when you add the image to your article, keep the image of Normal Size so that you can show your Image in your Simplified way as well, and you can also use the Image of Search Engine according to Optimize Use only after doing

04- Write Original / Unique Content

It is critical to have Original, Unique and Informative Content on your blog to affirm a Google Adsense Account. Since Google Adsense rapidly endorses those web journals.

At the same time, your blog should have at least 20 to 25 posts because when you publish 20 to 25 posts on your blog, you can also navigate your blog well.

And all your posts should be less than 800 words to 1000 words, which means you can also say that your article should be completely complete and that there should be complete information about that topic. When you write content for your blog, now you can use Headings and Sub Headings so that your article becomes clear and you can clear your topic well.

For Example: You write an article and finish your article only within one or two headings, then Google assumes that you have not explained your topic well and that your blog is called Incomplete Content. Disapprove of it.

That's why you use more Headings and write an article of at least 800 words to 1000 words so that your Google Adsense Account is quickly approved.

05- Create Important Pages

It is essential to have a few pages on your blog to support a Google Adsense Account.

For Example: About Us, Privacy Policy and Declaimer, Contact Us Page.

When you create all these pages, you can also share your information with your blog on Google. That's a lot of importance to Google.

Google Adsense wants to know about you and also wants that your Blog Visitors have information about you and that they can contact you if they need it, so it is very important to approve all Pages Google Adsense Account Are necessary.

06- Create Navigation on your Blog

When you navigate your blog well, then anyone can access all your articles easily. Navigation is very important for applying Google Adsense Account.

Most blogs are disapproved due to Google's bad navigation system.

To navigate your blog well, you can create Main Menu (Header Menu) in which you can navigate your topics by Category.

With this, you also add Category Box in the sidebar and add some extra widgets such as Popular Post, Recent Post, Blog Archives etc.

As well as adding all these things, you can navigate your pages in Social Media Icons and Header or Footer.

07- Blog Visitors

Traffic for your blog is very important for early approval from any Successful Blog or Google Adsense.

Because Google Adsense sees that if it shows ads on your blog, it will benefit or not, therefore, try to get more traffic to your blog through Social Media, Email Marketing, Forums, etc., so that your Blog But keep making Traffic.

When you have traffic on your blog, Google assumes that people like your blog and they also visit your blog.

That's why Google Adsense approves your blog early.

08- Your Blog has At least 2 Months Old

According to Google Adsense Policy, Your Blog should be at least 6 Months Old but if your Blog is 2 Months Old and you are Active on that Blog then Google Approve Your Blog.

You should pay attention to writing articles only after 2 months and increase traffic to your blog so that you can create good content and increase your traffic on your blog too.

In this way your blog also has great content and also Blog Visitors and your Blog 2 Months Old too, so Google Adsense gives your Blog approval in 7 Days only.

09- Good Topic for Google Adsense Account

Google Adsense always approve the blogs made on the good topic, so first of all, you have to see which types of ads are showing more on Blogs.

Because when you create Related Blog from Topic of Ads showing more Show then Google approve your blog sooner because they have ads available for that topic.

You should not take the useless and unused Topics at all, as well as not even the topics that are very much on the internet.

For Example: Tech Blogs Because such huge numbers of Tech Blogs are accessible on the web today, Google Adsense realizes that you can not make something uncommon for your guests, so there won't be more guests to your blog and it objects your blog. Or on the other hand, sets aside an excessive amount of opportunity to affirm.

So it will be better for you to find Topics which are less competitive because then you will be able to do more activity on your blog and also write unique content on your blog.

10- Simple Content Writing

When you create a blog for approving Google Adsense, you also have to be careful that you create content on your blog in a simple way, because many people use lots of colors on their blog.

By doing this, your blog is not Eligible for Google Adsense and Google disapproves of your blog.

So you should use only Bold and Headings to highlight your content and do not use the colors at all.

Which means your blog should be shown in a simple way and Google like your blog so that it quickly approves your blog.

In Conclusion:

To rapidly endorse "Google Adsense Account", you should observe the previously mentioned things and tail them with the goal that your blog can be immediately approved.

Because Google Adsense looks at all these things and when you do all these things well on your blog, then your blog is the best bet for Google Adsense Approval.

From which Google Adsense quickly approves your blog and you can earn your online earnings by adding ads on Google Adsense to your blog.
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