Types of Web Servers | Different Types of Web Hosting

Types of Web Servers: Hello Friends, Today's article, we must be more serious to choose our domain name, we must serious is that we also need to choose a good hosting provider to host our website.

Different Types of Web Hosting

Types of Web Servers [Different Types of Web Hosting]

Although there are thousands of web hosting companies on the internet and everyone has their own different plans, which are available at different prices because different types of services are covered under different plans or limitations of resources It is decided that selection of a suitable Web Host is very important before buying Web Hosting, so that it can be easily resolved if there is any problem.

Before buying a suitable web hosting space for your website, it will be useful for you to understand some basic technical things related to Web Hosting, which are on the forefront.

Types of Web Servers / Web Hosting

Web Hosting Capacity can be of several types according to need and different type of web hosting may be required to meet different types of needs. Some of which can be understood as specific types of G Web Hosting as follows:

Free Web Hosting Service

We can not trust this kind of web hosting because there is no guarantee that this type of Web Host will host our website and when our website will completely delete it from its web server. Even before taking us a backup of our website, it's not even given by this kind of Free Web Hosting Providers. Therefore, it is better to stay away from this type of Web HostingProviders. ‘Types of Web Servers’

The limitations of such web hosting are so high that such types of Web Host are not of any use to us. Meaningful but important and essential features such as Email Send are thus completely restricted to such web hosts. Free Web Hosts are usually used by Students or Hobbies for the Testing Purpose, who wish to test their Degree Level Demo Projects before they can submit to college.

Free Web Hosts are not really free, but the basic purpose of these free hosts is to once establish your website on them so that they can force you to buy hosting space at your Web Host later because These hosting providers ban your website once, after that you can take backup of your website only when you at least purchase their Basic Plan and their basic plan charges are also much, as much as Bought a Good Quality Hosting Plan can go.

Shared Web Hosting Service

This type of Web Hosting is currently used to host most websites at the present time because these Web Hostings are the cheapest but sufficient resources to provide services, which have limitations, but not so much that we Can not use them to establish their online business. “Types of Web Servers”

In fact, some Shared Hosting Providers provide high-quality services at a very low cost, because many small websites are hosted on the same Physical Server under Shared Hosting, which has very low Resource Requirement. Also, under the Shared Hosting, Capacity of a High Power Sever Computer is so high that it facilitates the sharing of RAM space and CPU time for thousands of small websites.

As a result, due to sharing of resources between many websites on the same server, this kind of Web Hosting Space is available at a very low price, which costs around Rs. 50/- per month from Rs. 800/- per month, where approximately Rs. 50/- per month, Shared Plan or Basic Plan can represent, while about Shared hosting of Rs. 800/- per month can represent the premium plan, and there may be more plans in this Range, which are based on the limitations of different types of resources.

For example: in the Shared Hosting of a Specific Hosting Provider in Shared Hosting, you can send Per Hour maximum of 50 Emails, while Premium customers can send Per Hour Emails Send to your Clients Limit 2000 / hour or Unlimited. (Different Types of Web Hosting)

One of the largest Advantage of Shared Hosting Account is that if your website is very popular and Hosted other Shared Websites with your website is not so popular, then at the very cost of the work, you have the Shared Hosting Provide Super Computer Access to High-Quality Resources is achieved because other websites hosted with your website do not require Super Computer's High-Quality Resources, which benefits your website. But when the opposite is negative, its negative impact may also fall on the performance of your website. That is, if your website is sharing the same Super Computer Resources with a website, which is much more popular than your website, in that case, that Server Computer's resources will be more useful for that other website, as a result, your website there will be very few resources and the performance of your website will be greatly reduced.

Reseller Web Hosting Service

This type of Web Hosting Provides the right to Resell Shared Hosting Resellers. For example, if you want to become a Shared-Hosting Reseller yourself, you will need to Purchase Reseller Web Hosting Service.

Generally, people punch this type of web hosting when it is not possible to get the same resources needed by any Shared-Host at any cost, as much resources are needed by their website. This means that if your website has so much traffic, which can not be handled by Shared Host and if Shared Host repeatedly crashes, then, in that case, you may need to buy Reseller Web Hosting for your own website. While you can also resell your hosting space to other people as Shared Hosting Space. “Different Types of Web Hosting”

Reseller Hosting Account is a type of shared hosting account, but with this account, you get more tools and hosting space, while in the form of Technical Control you get the Web Host Manager (WHM) Control Panel instead of CPanel. There is also a Billing Software, which allows you to accept payment from your Client in that situation when you are selling your Hosting Space to your Clients. Apart from this, there are some other types of facilities as follows:

Free Website Templates

White Label Technical Support - This means that our Reseller Company provides technical support to our clients.

Private Name Server also provides, so that we can define more than one Name Servers.

For this type of Web Hosting Account, you may need to pay up to $ 15 to $ 50 per month and, like Shared Hosting, there may be several types of plans between this Range, which is decided by your Reseller Hosting Provider is.

Virtual Dedicated Server or Virtual Private Server (VPS)

These types of servers are actually virtual servers, where physical resources available on the same server computer are allocated by creating more than one Virtual Servers. For example, when you run CPU Cores and RAM to run a different Operating System in an Operating System on a computer system, such as Virtual Box or VMWare, the same is true for you by your hosting provider. Box or VMWare is set up, which you can install software as you want. That means that you can remotely access and manipulate that host like your personal computer.

Under VPS, one or more server computers can share resources, but as much as the Resource Allocate is assigned to a Virtual Server, it receives the same Resource by one or more Physical Servers. VPS is actually Exist on the same Physical Server but behaves in such a way that they exist on a different Physical Server.

Since VPS gets fully fixed Resource for them, which is not shared like Shared Hosting, so despite having more than one Virtual Server Exist on the same server, more resources by a website like Shared Hosting When used, other websites sharing with it have no effect on performance. ‘Different Types of Web Hosting’

VPS actually respects the position between the Personal Server (Dedicated Server) and the Shared Server. This type of Web Hosting Account is needed when your website's requirement is so large that it can not be fulfilled by Reseller Hosting Account.

VPS Hosting Packages are priced from $ 30 to $ 200 per month and there are also many other Plan Exist among this Range, which is entirely dependent on VPS Web Hosting Provider and provided as a VPS Bandwidth, CPU, RAM, Disk Space etc. are fixed on the basis of limitations of resources.

Dedicated Hosting Service

In this type of Web Hosting, you are provided a separate Web Server, which you get Root Access as an Administrator. It can also have two types of servers, which are known as Self-Managed Server and Unmanaged Server, and the prices of these two types of servers vary.

This type of Web Hosting Account costs at least $ 30 per month or more. However, its rate also changes depending on Managed and Unmanaged. Because the responsibility of managing Self-Managed Dedicated Server is entirely yours, while managing your Unmanaged Dedicated Server and solving any problems that occur on the server, your hosting provider is responsible for the service Charge in return for the appearance.

Grid/Cloud Hosting Service

This is a new type of Web Hosting Service, with hundreds of Individual Servers working together, working as a very large server, offering Web Hosting Service Provider.

The cost of hosting this type starts from $ 20 per month and the need for Resource increases as well as its value, which depends entirely on the resources and bandwidth used by your website.

Generally speaking, none of the above services are proven useful to meet the needs of our website. But even if there is a need to go further, as collocation and self-service, we can buy our own physical server.

Although we have specified some amounts of the price of each type of hosting type, this amount is quite variable, which can be much less or very much depending on the limitations of the resources provided under the plan. For example, you may get Dedicated Server at $ 15 / month with 512B RAM, 1 Core CPU, 10GB Bandwidth, 10GB Web space, but if you want 1GB of RAM, or if you want 20GB Web space or 2 Core Processor, then your The cost of the Dedicated Plan will increase. “Types of Web Servers”

Hopefully, after reading this article, if you have any questions or suggestions related to this topic, you can comment in our comment box Thank you.
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