10 Best Android Apps | Useful Apps for Android Phones

10 Best Android Apps: Smartphone users do not know how many applications they use in their phones. Smartphone users install applications on their smartphones according to their usage, but some applications are useful for all users, we should know about such applications so that we can easily do our work. In today's article, we will learn about the 10 Best Android Apps that are of great use. The best part of all these applications is that you can download all of these apps for free and use it, then let's know about the late 10 Best Android Apps.

Useful Apps for Android Phones

10 Best Android Apps | Useful Apps for Android Phones

10 Useful Best Android Apps

D Notes

This application is very useful. If you want to use your time correctly, then this application must be on your smartphone. With this application, you can create to-do lists, voice lists, notes, reminders, etc. The interface of this application is very great and the best part is that you will not see any kind of ad in it. Let's look at its features.

D Notes Features
To-Do List
Export Notes
Multiple Themes, Fonts, and Sorting Options
Unlock Protected Notes with Fingerprint or PIN Code
Highly Customizable
Text-File Viewer
Widgets, App Shortcuts, and Reminders
Backup / Restore to Google Drive and SD Card


This application is one of the lists of my best applications. This application is very useful. With this application, you can design a social media post, poster, photo collage, logo, card etc. Its interface is very good and in this application, you will not be able to see any kind of advertisement. It's very easy to design graphic in this app, you get many more templates which you can download and download accordingly. Let's look at its features.

Canva Features
Thousands of free ready-made templates
Add text to your photos
+1 million stock photos
Photo Editing


You may already know about this application. This application was kept in the Best Android Apps list because it is a very useful application for file sharing. With the help of this application, you can transfer files between smartphones and smartphones and computers. Apart from all this, many more features are provided in this application. “Useful Apps for Android Phones”

Shareit Features
Transfer All Types of Files
Excellent Video Player
Discover Trending Music
Elegant Music Player

Sleep Timer

If you have a passion to listen to the song and when you listen to songs before sleeping then this application can prove to be very useful. This application closes the songs according to the time you set so that the songs do not run in the mobile overnight, as well as the battery discharges your smartphone. This application works perfectly on all platforms such as Play Music, YouTube, Spotify etc.

Sleep Timer Features
Listen to music while falling asleep
Use your favorite music player or even YouTube!
Select the music to play
Prevent your battery from draining


This application has been told in the last several articles. You will not find this application on the Play Store, with this application you can download videos, Songs from 1000+ websites. This application is quite popular for downloading YouTube videos. It is available for both Android users and computer users. Let's look at this feature.

Videoder Features
Up to 10X Fast Downloading
Cover art and audio tag editor
Smart link detection tool
Stream youtube videos without ads
Unlimited themes
Discover the latest music, videos, and artists
Over 1000+ sites supported

Files Go

This is Google's application which is a very smart application. If your smartphone has a storage problem then this application must be on your smartphone. This application explains the duplicate file from your smartphone, along with the suggestion to the user to delete the files to clear the memory space of your smartphone. The second main feature of this application is sharing the file. With this application, you can share any kind of file between two phones. (Useful Apps for Android Phones)

Files Go Features
Share file offline
Encrypted file sharing
Free up more space
Effective storage management
Backup file to the cloud


This application is also Google's application. This application is very useful for those who want to get information related to their bank account or to do online transactions. With this application, you can transfer money to anyone's bank account, pay the online bill etc. The best part of this application is that with the help of this application, you can do transactions with the front person without giving your private details. This application is specially made for Indians. Let's take a look at the features of this application.

Tez Features
Pay and get money directly from your bank accounts
Easiest pay bills
Paying in shops is easier than ever


Every smartphone user wants to have a better wallpaper in his smartphone, you can see many wallpaper applications on the Play Store, but the best wallpaper application is the one that is one of them. Million to see a lot of wallpaper in this wallpaper application, from this app you can download and use the wallpaper for free. If you are looking for the best wallpaper app then this application must be tried.

Walli Features
Multiple sizes of wallpapers
Setting a new wallpaper without leaving the app
High-Quality Wallpapers

Nova Launcher

If you want to customize your smartphone in many ways then this launcher must be on your smartphone. This launcher is the most popular launcher in the Play Store, perhaps you already know about this application. This application is available in the free version and Pro version. With this application help, you customize the layout of the smartphone, the icons of the app, the animation, etc.

Nova Launcher Features
Customize App Drawer
Import Layout
Icon Themes
Hide Apps
Icon Swipes
Scroll Effects


We know about the best application covering most of the categories in this article "Best Android Apps". Now comes the useful app related to Entertainment. Most Smartphone users are familiar with Hotstar. This is an application that can see online movies, TV serials, live games, news etc. In this, you will find content in more than 15 languages. The interface of this app is very good. ‘Useful Apps for Android Phones’

We know about 10 Best Android Apps in this article, I hope all these applications will prove to be very helpful for you. If you liked this article, please share it with your friends on social media.
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